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External turning tool

1 utensili per tornitura esterna


  • External turning tools with coolant hole

    Utensili per tornitura esterna con lubrificazione interna
    External turning tools with coolant hole
    Outils pour tournage extérieur avec trou de lubrification
    Aussendrehwerkzeuge mit Innenkühlung



    NOMA company has finally developped and produced a revolutionary and innovative system to improve the performances of tools for external turning. In the new CAYMAN tools coolant (fluid or air) is forced exactly to the cutting area.

    The constant and precise stream of forced coolant is not subject to any deviation due to chips or vibrations; It lifts and removes chips from the contact surface between workpiece and cutting edge;
    It removes heat exactly from the cutting area;
    It keeps temperature in that area constant.
    These features allow a better control on chips and reduce the risk of a thermal shock on the inserts which makes the life of cutting edges more than 25% longer.

    Through CAYMAN system you can arrange your tool into the machine and be sure that coolant is addressed to the exact area and always keeps its position at any condition.
    It assures a constant and precise flow during machining, especially when machining takes place automatically without supervision. This system avoids long and complex settings of nozzles and small canes that can never assure a perfect and constant flow.

    Thanks to these features CAYMAN tools reduce costs and increase productivity.
    The new CAYMAN tools can replace any standard turning tool and fit into any turning machine on the market; a special range for Swiss Type automatic lathes is also available.
    They are made of one single piece – coolant hole included – and are supplied with tube with 1/8” couplings suited to the most popular connections according to the machine type.
    Their surface is also subject to a zirconium treatment (our system Zirko ultra tools) that increases their wear resistance.

  • External turning tools - Standard Type


    Utensili standard per tornitura esterna
    External turning tools - Standard Type
    Outils standard pour tournage extérieur
    Aussendrehwerkzeuge in Standardausführung

  • Flexturn

    Utensile registrabile da 10° a 180° per smussi e raggi
    Tool with adjustiment from 10° to 80° for chamfer and radius machining
    Outil avec reglage de 10° a 80° pour biseaux et rayons
    Einstellbares werkzeug von 10° bis 80° zum abfasen und zur radienbearbeitung

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